Even though the election didn't turn out the way we wanted it to last week I am so grateful for your support during this campaign. We need to address our voter participation and as this campaign cycle showed, every vote counts. Thank you to my family and friends for all of your hard work. - Debra



Dear 6th Ward Neighbors,


I’m writing you this personal note to enthusiastically share with you that I am running to be your new Alderman in the March 5th Democratic Primary Election.


My family and I have been fortunate to call this Ward our home for over 22 years. Our city is at a turning point where we urgently need our best team on the field. My experience serving the city as Assistant Circuit Attorney, Assistant U.S. Attorney, and Judge for the Problem Property Court give me unique skills to put to work for our ward. I have served in numerous leadership roles with advocacy organizations including local, statewide and National Planned Parenthood boards. Those who know me will tell you I am a fierce and effective advocate. I want to put those skills to work for you!


In the weeks ahead, I look forward to speaking to you and having conversations all across our eight diverse neighborhoods. That starts with listening, organizing and putting your ideas into action. I will work to earn your support and ask for your vote. I believe we can Reach Higher. Together our neighborhoods and our City can do just that.


To request a yard sign, volunteer or to contact my campaign please email me at:





I look forward to speaking with you,


Debra pledges to

  1. Take no dark money.

  2. No privatization of the airport without a vote from the citizens of St Louis.

  3. Continue to study and look into the city/county merger for what’s best for the city and the region.


Debra is an independent thinker and candidate. She is not endorsing or endorsed by any candidate running for the Board of Alderman.